Saturday, February 17, 2007

February Flixation

FLIXATION, SE London's Underground Cinema Club, takes places on Wednesday 21st Februarythe Miller of Mansfield, 96 Snowsfields, London SE1 (8 pm start, membership £4/ £3 concs).

A night is promised of 'no-budget underground cinema, electronic craft, amateur film Art, performance and music' including celebrity death cult in Shitlist (Grace Connor 2007), extreme piercing in White Blue Air (Inza 2007) and more existential glove puppets in Paul and the Badger Part 2 (Paul Tarrago 2006). Also new work by Clive Shaw (My Eyes My Eyes) and a shiny new performance by Doctor Reekie. The compere will be the diabolical Tar Baby and on the wheels of steel the infamous DJ Mono.

If you have any work you'd like to show or a performance you'd like to do - contact Duncan on 07929876301 or email


Anonymous said...

haha Gordon you've used the "supressed" flyer for our gig! I did this as a 'get on with it' to the Flixation member who was supposed to be on "flyer-ops", they went mad at this one.... I don't care now, I'm keeping it up on line regardless. We are pants. That said my other joke that made it out there was branding us "SE London's dirty little secret" only to find the venue have put that on the sign outside on a big wooden board in front of the pub... careful what you wish for... Thanks for the plug (as ever), see you soon, Clive
ps missed out on seeing you near our venue at the SELFs new home. Sorry had to work late...

Transpontine said...

Thought it was a bit rubbish but there it was sitting on myspace... happy to replace or remove if required!