Monday, February 05, 2007

Spiral Scratch night in Brixton

Picked up this flyer on Friday night at How Does it Feel to be Loved? in Brixton (Kevin Rowland was DJing and it was fantastic - will tell more when I have recovered).

Its a Spiral Scratch night at The Brixton Windmill on Thursday 15 February, featuring Persil from Holland, Slow Down Tallahassee, Monster Bobby and Arthur and Martha. All sound interesting, particularly the last described as 'Kraftwerk meet The Carpenters by the moog in London' (just checked all these out on Myspace and they are all sound like they're worth the journey up Brixton Hill).

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Anonymous said...

We had Persil in Lancaster a few months ago. They're brilliant. They're fronted by this girl qwho seems to be undergoing live ECT whilst singing. She was wearing the most amazing coloured tights I've ever seen in the whole of Benelux-based bands, and they sing this electro-disco sort of thing. Should be ace!