Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tour de Deptford

Down to Deptford this morning to watch the Tour de France whizz by on Creek Road, lots of people lining the route and some getting into the swing of it with banners.

We had some biscuits from the small French market in Evelyn Street, and then wandered down the High Street where the Made in Deptford festival included stilt walkers, live music and a man drinking a pint of beer balanced on his head (through a bendy straw) while juggling knives. Popped into the Deptford Arms (great bit of street art on the side of it, shown below). At the Bear cafe they were giving away free tea, coffee and cake. They even put on sunshine.

All in all, I had a bit of a francophile weekend as by then I'd also watched two French films on DVD (Jules et Jim and Le Rayon Vert). Finished off with reading some Guy Debord, Situationist Theses on Traffic (1959), where he critiques the notion of urban architecture being based around the circulation of cars (though his prediction that we would be all be flying one person helicopters within 20 years was wide of the mark!). One of the nice side effects of the Tour coming through Deptford was that Church Street was more or less closed for traffic except for pedestrians and cyclists.


Trinketization said...

did you see the pile up? I wanna get a clip of that. J

Transpontine said...

Where was the pile up? I missed that completely.