Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lewisham Bloggers Drink

I went out for a drink last Friday at the Honor Oak, the occasion being a meet up of Lewisham Bloggers. Present and correct were Bob from Brockley, Walking the Streets of Forest Hill, SE23 (Robert), Not Really a Diary (Max), Someday I will treat you good (Andrew), The Man from Catford (Henry), Forest Hill Society (Max), Fork Handles (Adrian), Wulf's Web Den, Green Ladywell (Sue) and Last Bus Home. Tempted as I am to theorise about the reconstitution of digital networks in the the flesh, lets just say a good time was had (we were last to be kicked out of the pub) and I felt terrible the next day. The heading of this post is Lewisham Bloggers Drink - the last word is a verb rather than a noun.

Updated 23 July 2007: Bob reminds me of something I forgot in my happy state - that on the way back several of us stopped outside 22a Stondon Park, where there is a plaque commemorating its former resident Jim Connell, writer of The Red Flag. And guess what song we decided to sing? Apologies to the current incumbents, but hey I guess that's part of living in a heritage site!


Andrew Brown said...

Glad it wasn't just me feeling the pain the next day!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, let me know if you are going to meet up again. I think I am the only Italian Brockley blogger, fluent in English, except 4 the blog ;-) C u soon

Transpontine said...

Look forward to meeting you Moya, I am sure we will arrange another meet up after the summer.