Sunday, March 30, 2008

Afrikan Boy

Nigerian-born and Woolwich-raised MC Afrikan Boy is responsible for the greatest South East London anthem so far this century - One Day I Went to LIDL, a catchy tale of shoplifting and hassle from immigration authorities.

Thanks to the buzz about this track, Afrikan Boy was asked to contribute to Hussel, a track on M.I.A's latest album Kala. He's been performing with her in the US and all over.

You must also check out this film by Spike Jonze of him and M.I.A. visiting Afrikan Boy on his council estate in Woolwich. Yes that's right, the director of Being John Malcovich and Beastie Boys videos was up a tower block in South East London (can any of our Woolwich readers identify exactly where?). Expect to hear a lot more from Afrikan Boy this year.

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