Monday, March 31, 2008

Deptford Nights

A couple of interesting-sounding nights coming up in Deptford.

Indie/electro club London Sunshine are in action at the Bunker Club (46 Deptford Broadway) on Friday 11th April.

The very next night at the Deptford Arms (Saturday 12th April 2008) sees Retrojunk with its eclectic menu of 'Grunge, Mod Classics, Ska, 60s Girl Bands, 80s Cheese, Forgotten Pop Classics, Guilty Pleasures, Hair Metal, 50s Rock & Roll, Northern Soul, Motown, Legwarmers & Leggings, 50s Pin Ups, Vinyl Records, Jukeboxes, Rockabilly, Hippies, 70s Punk, Disco, Old Skool Hip-Hop, Reggae, Beehives & Brylcreem, Flower Power, Platforms & Flares'. Must be something you like there! There's also live rockabilly from J.D. Smith.

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Kevin O'Neill said...

thanks for the tip, London Sunshine looks good!