Tuesday, June 03, 2008

1968 in South London (5): The Who at the Elephant

From the South London Press, Friday 28 June 1968, by Monty Smith:

The Who stage pop explosion

The Who are that pop rarity - a good commercial group. They make attractive noise which sells. And noise it most definitely is. As the people at the Elephant and Castle's London College of Printing found out last Saturday when The Who appeared at an all-night dance.

Coming on stage at about 10.30, The Who deafened all and sundry with an impressive performance encompassing humour, violence and 'Happy Jack'. For over an hour they played, often showing scant respect for their instruments. In their final number - a 10 minute version of the classic 'My Generation' - Moon threw his drums all over the place and Townsend jumped up and down on his vox box.

In America they are considered to be an Underground group. Over here parents don't like their children going to see them.

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