Tuesday, June 17, 2008

290th in the blog chart

According to the Wikio blog rankings for June 2008, Transpontine is now the 290th 'most influential blog in the UK blogosphere'! Not sure quite what to make of that, it appears to generate the chart from the number of times people link to articles at the sites, giving more weight to links from blogs higher in their chart. This sounds a bit of a circular process - Bob from Brockley is number 233, so presumably as long as we continue to link to each other we will bob up and down the chart.


Anonymous said...


I see that I've slipped down 154 points to 423.
I put that down to hardly writing about politics anymore...

...or being a bit rubbish.

Transpontine said...

I take it with a pinch of salt, I definitely get more traffic and links to my music blog (History is Made at Night) and that doesn't figure on the list, presumably it is not counted as a UK specific blog and many of the links are from the US.

Anonymous said...

well done
keep up the good work
always a good read

bob said...

Keep up that link love! I have linked to Richard (bagrec) for a while, so I will now to get his ratings back up. Or is that not the right spirit?