Friday, December 12, 2008

Brockley Christmas Fair

Don't forget tomorrow (Saturday), it's the Brockely Christmas Street Market. Coulgate Street (next to Brockley Station) will be pedestrianised for the day, and there will be stalls selling Christmas gifts from 12 noon to 6 pm, plus live music. Brockley Ukulele Group are playing at around 3 pm - Santa will also be singing , and children and parents from John Stainer Primary School. Not sure who else, but there's definitely more! There will be a Santa's grotto and lantern making for kids, minced pies and malled wine and the Xmas lights will be turned on by actor Patrick Baladi - best known as Neil in The Office, who can forget that dance?


Laban said...

Off topic, but where did you get the blog name from ? George Melly's 'Owning Up', where everything south of the river is described as transpontine, the original description of 'a transpontine brithel' or elswhere ? Just curious.

Transpontine said...

I honestly can't rememeber where I first came across the term transpontine - I don't think it was in Melly, though I have read and love that book. The term was widely used in Victorian/Edwardian times, particularly in relation to the theatre, so I probably came across it in a history book. If I've helped to revive the term for south London I will be very happy - it's a great word. As reported here before, the artist Arthur Rackham described himself as a Transpontine Cockney and I came across another use of it today by Edgar Wallace - but that's another post.