Monday, December 15, 2008

South London Redhead Insurgency

2009 will be the year when red-headed young women from South London conquer the world.

First up, there's La Roux, featuring Eleanor Jackson from Brixton. She pronounces herself 'totally obsessed with 80s music'. You don't say! The video for their Quicksand single even looks like a Duran Duran pastiche.

Then from Camberwell, there's Florence and The Machine. I've mentioned Florence Welch here before, but the new single Dog Days are Over is particularly excellent, video filmed in Dulwich Woods.

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1 comment:

richizzle said...

i listen to laroux.
Firt i listen too the song anb think it was cool but not brillant,
after that i see her video clip and i think it was just wack,that girl and i have some point in common we love sebastien tellier her first clip is just a copy of the sexuality album and roche artwork concept realise long before this video.
come on girl can't you make your own concept .
i think this is a point right now to be an artist have concept if you just come and thak what was mad fue month ago don't think your album gonne be sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!