Monday, June 01, 2009

Brockley Max Opening Night

There was sun-kissed dancing on the streets of Brockley on Friday night at the opening of the Brockley Max Festival. We didn't manage to take in all the bands playing by the Bob Marley/Maya Angelou mural opposite the Brockley Barge, but as well as the Brockley Ukulele Group set - pictured at Brockley Central - did take in J'Adore L'Amour (pleased to see they also wielded a ukulele in their version of Five Years Time)...

...and The Grey Cats, who played a good set of covers including Pressure Drop, Rudy Can't Fail and Police on My Back. They are playing at the Montague Arms on Friday 19 June and Tuesday 30 June.

Lots more music coming up in the rest of Brockley Max this week, including big event on Hilly Fields next Saturday. Here's some film from Friday Night of J'Adore L'Amour:

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keep going girls

great stuff