Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Occult Lewisham Films for free

Brockley Max is presents a taster of the cryptozoological-Brockley film Bigfoot of Suburbia and a preview of an occult Deptford film King of Deptford Creek tonight, for free, at the Ladywell Tavern at 7pm.

May well see you there.

Details are:

Bigfoot of Suburbia (2006). Written and Directed by Fred Rowson. Starring Richard Proctor
King of Deptford Creek (2009). Written and Directed by Fred Rowson. Starring: Simon Pearsall, Director of Photography: Jaime Feliu Torres

Tank Gallery presents two films by local Filmmaker Fred Rowson. We will first introduce a taster of Bigfoot of Suburbia whose main character, Peter Kingsley, is a jobless loner, lost in the heat of a South London summer. However, when a brief local news story catches his attention, his life is given a purpose: even if it costs him his reputation and his home, he knows that he must track down the mysterious beast that is hiding in his local park, Hilly Fields…

We will then screen a full preview of King of Deptford Creek, due to make the round on the festival circuit this summer. This is the story of a South London-based Private Investigator, Eliot, whose journey to find the missing Philip obsesses him to the point that he drops out of society. He becomes so caught up in the search that he too disappears - thanks in equal parts to a failing marriage and a missing diary. The story is set around a Thames tributary, The Ravensbourne, and its tidal reach, known as Deptford Creek, an eerie environment that slowly swallows Eliot’s identity.

The audience are then invited to join us in an informal discussion with a small panel including Fred Rowson and Richard Proctor. The audience will get the chance to see a full screening of Bigfoot of Suburbia either after the discussion or on a later date.

Entrance Fee: Free
Venue: Tank Gallery at the Ladywell Tavern
80 Ladywell Road London SE13 7HS

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