Monday, July 27, 2009

Brockley Station and Greenham Common

The works at Brockley station are dragging on adding at least 45 seconds on to my daily journey - no it's not the end of the world. For a brief period at the beginning of June, during the Brockley Max festival, the fences around the site were redecorated following a Brockley Knits workshop at Broca cafe.

It reminded me of a famous anti-cruise missiles protest at Greenham Common (below), when 'as part of the 'Embrace the Base' protest by 30,000 women in December 1982, participants covered the USAF base perimeter fence with a variety of things that held significance for them: clothes and other personal items, family photographs, poems and expressions of opinion, in order to highlight the contrast between the death-dealing weaponry inside and the life-enhancement represented outside' (source of text and photo, Ceridwen at Geograph).
Not sure if a protest camp against train station delays is on the cards in Coulgate Street!

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