Saturday, July 04, 2009

Deptford: drowning in creative juices

From today's Guardian Weekend magazine, by Tom Dyckhoff :

'Let's Move to Deptford, South East London.... What's going for it? Where-oh-where have all the arty farties gone in London? Time was you could walk down Shoreditch High Street and spy half a dozen Turner prize nominees. Now it's all IT execs, and the bridge and tunnel crowd. Some say Hackney Wick. Some say Bethnal Green. I say Deptford. The Laban Dance Centre was the Trojan Horse a few years back. Now the whole place is drowning in creative juices. Latest arrival: the Deptford Project, a groovily eccentric 60s South East Trains carriage turned cafe-cum-art space, hauled on to the High Street. But, thank the Lord, the Vietnamese cafes, Afro nail bars and pie and mash shops more than curbs any latent pretension. And, among it all, St Paul's church, a masterpiece of English baroque'

More follows on grime, schools and property prices.

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