Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brockley Fruit and Vegetable Market

Excitement mounts in Brockley as a new deli prepares to open. A hundred or so years ago people got their fruit and veg in a paper bag like this from J. Easton. 'Brockley Fruit and Vegetable Market' at 167 Brockley Road and 193 The Pavement (this is from the 1890s, click to enlarge).


Brockley Nick said...

That's a brilliant find!

. said...

But where was 'the Pavement' in Brockley?

Anonymous said...

I left Brockley in 1964 to be married. I think Brockley Pavement referred to that stretch of Brockley Road from its junction with Wickham Road/Breakspeares Road up to Adelaide Avenue. It referred only to the shops on the east side of Brockley Road. The high street number of the premises might seem to confirm this. Reference to Kelly's street directory would help to confirm.