Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bus workers occupy TFL office

Bus workers' protest in Southwark yesterday (more here):

London bus workers in the Unite union created a stir by invading Transport For London’s (TFL) office in Southwark today as part of a protest demanding central pay bargaining across all the city’s bus operators. Around 60 drivers occupied the foyer of the office waving flags, singing slogans about equal pay and dancing to drummers from Unite’s Justice For Cleaners campaign who had joined the protest in solidarity.

Inside the occupied office, one Unite official told cheering drivers, “If there is no equal pay, there will be no peace on the London buses. If TFL won’t listen, they will be met with strikes.”
Earlier in the day over 100 drivers had protested on the green at Marble Arch. Some union members had revealed boxer shorts carrying the slogan “stop the race to the bottom” in reference to the tendering system that is driving down wages and conditions as companies compete to cut costs.

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Anonymous said...

we cannot afford for the busdrivers to lose this struggle