Monday, April 12, 2010

Stop the BNP at Lunar House in Croydon

Following the earlier post about fighting fascists in Peckham in the Thirties comes news of a contemporary echo. This from South London Anti Fascist Group Organising Team today:

'We have just found out that the BNP will be holding an anti immigration protest outside the Home Office, Lunar House, Croydon – THIS THURSDAY [15th April]. Lunar House management allowed the BNP to protest last year, however, this year they have bowed to anti fascist and union pressure and said that this year they can not demonstrate. However, it is now the police that are refusing to stop the event going ahead as they say that Lunar house is public property.

The protest will be on the afternoon of Thursday 15th at 2pm at the front of Lunar house - at a time when many families will be waiting to speak with staff in the Home office. This is of course unacceptable and the South London Anti Fascist Group will be supporting PCS comrades in the counter demo. Please join us from 2pm at Lunar House'

Lunar House is tough enough for migrants queueing up to make their way through the Borders Agency lottery without the added hassle of a demo by racists, so get along if you can.

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