Monday, September 20, 2010

Kick Up the Fire

Kick up the Fire are a new locally based rock band, with a debut mini album due out in November. According to Rock Sins:

'Spawned from the murky depths of the London New Cross scene, Kick Up The Fire deliver angular rock & roll with strict ideals. The South-East London four-piece formed in early 2009, drawing influence from post-hardcore acts such as Q and not U, At The Drive-In and Cursive.
Childhood friends from Italy, Andrew and Kenny formed ‘Raid on the Arcade’ [earlier band] with art-student Thom Wicks in late 2007 after working together at a local art-house cinema in Greenwich'.

The band are on Twitter where they say: 'We are a four piece indie rock band from Deptford, London. We love SE London and want SE London to love us back. We want to play your bar/house/squat/party'. You can listen to them on myspace and they also have a blog.

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