Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nunhead & Peckham Free Film Festivals

If you've ever fancied watching a vampire film on top of a car park in Peckham, you are in luck this weekend. Actually there are lots of free outdoor cinematic delights to be had as part of the Nunhead Free Film Festival and the Peckham Free Film Festival running from 8 to 12 September.

At the Nunhead end, it kicks off with World War II film A Matter of Life and Death being shown in Nunhead Cemetery on Friday 10th at 8 pm, followed by a film-themed dance night at the Old Nun's Head. The next day Blues Brothers is being shown in Peckham Rye park by the cafe.

In Peckham it starts on Thursday 9th (8.30 pm) at the lovely Centre for Wildlife Gardening (28 Marsden Road, SE15) with Koyaannisqatsi - great Philip Glass soundtrack.

And yes, it ends on Sunday 12th with Nosferatu at Frank's Cafe on top of Peckham car park (Cerise Road, SE15).

Full listings at All events free of charge.

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