Sunday, February 13, 2011

Music at the Old Nun's Head

I enjoyed last month's Nigel of Bermondsey and Friends night at the Old Nun's Head.

- Stuart Forester played a couple of songs on the Appalachian dulcimer, including a lovely version of the Lakes of Ponchartrain. He will be playing a full set next time, so make sure you get along. Here he is at an earlier Old Nun's Head gig:

- Paul Garside had some nice indie-poppish songs, including one called Utopian Idealists inspired by this picture from the recent student protests (it shows media savvy students from Dunraven school in Streatham surrounding a damaged police van which they believed would be used to discredit their protest).

- John Crow performed songs from his new album Goose & Crow: Spirit Songs

- Simon Bromide coped admirably from some inebriated interruptions, and sang a song about getting to like Sonic Youth.

- Karla sang some synth-accompanied numbers, joined by Nigel with some Peter Hook-style basslines.

The next session is on Friday 25th February, according to Nigel:

'Headlining this months is the wonderful Bromide: indie hailing from the distant Woolywood hills (Plumstead). Marvel at the shambolic majesty of this combo. You will ask yourself 'How do they do it.

Stewart Forester is a troubador from the plains of Mitcham who will delight with his command of the DADGAD and the dulcimer. His folk crusade is gathering momentum; see him now before he is on the telly..... I'll play an early set too....'

And it's free, so there's really no excuse for not going - check out Facebook event.

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Anonymous said...

i still see the picture of the schoolgirls holding hands around the battered police vanas iconic

and there statements at the time a great reposte to the nutters who just want to destroy

shame the anachists or should i say a section of anachist smash upthe meeting at Goldsmiths and attackBrendan Barber of the tuc

helped by some elements of the swp grouplete chanting "generalstrile"

Didthey doit becausethe meeting was organised by an swp splinter group ???

and the anachists dont even believe in the tuc or tuc unions so whats it got to do with them

see you on the 26th march