Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Back to Front

Fran Cottell's house-based art installation BACK to FRONT was open for a weekend last month. If you missed it there are a couple of additional openings on 6th November (1.30 - 3.30) and 10th November (11am and 2pm). It's at 18 Woolwich Road , Greenwich , London SE10 0JU.

The project is in association with CGP London.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in beckenham, went to kentwood boys school.
Bill wyman went to kentwood.
In 70s i used to go to tites disco, it was great place!

A lot of music stars came from the area, frampton, bowie, the rolling stones, haircut 100, billy idol, souxsie and the banshees, splodgnesbounds.

I was a member of the bromley contingent, my classmate
"Peter fenton" was the original guitarist in the banshees, in fact
I last peter in tites disco around 1979.
Great times!

Rogue mayhem - Pow!

Dudley white said...

I was the singer in Stack ,Purple dream and Rock Candy , all the same band .i see we are on the list of groups in May supporting Cliff Bennett . We played the clues several times .the last I remember very well as we supported ,on hos final comeback tour , Bill Hayley and the Comets .he had played at the Silver Blades first and arrived late .we were left onstage trying to keep a club full of rockers happy ! Happy days ,
Dudley white