Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Lord Wolseley

The great Dead Pubs site has this picture of the Lord Wolseley pub (76 Upper Brockley Road), showing a charabanc outing gathered by the pub in around 1920. The pub, which stood opposite the Wickham Arms, closed in the 1990s and was converted to flats - pictured below:


Anonymous said...

Always a good pint of Guinness and the chance of a lock-in at the Wolseley I seem to remember

BobFromBrockley said...

In the mid-1990s, the Wolseley was completely a student pub, before the housing boom made Brockley a little less of a student multi-occupancy area. There was one aging rastafarian who always say by the fire. At that time, the Wickham was very hostile to students and anyone vaguely bohemian looking, as I recall.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Wolseley from the 1980s when it was knick-knack central or a museum to kistch. However it was also as dead as a doornail.
I had no idea about the Wickham being hostile to students. I was one in the 1970s, and the Wickham was a favourite haunt of many of us - though usually using the Lounge Bar and not the Public Bar. So far as I recall, we paid our way and certainly didn't hover over a single pint all night. This carried on into the early 1980s but perhaps thereafter it changed.