Monday, February 06, 2012

Music Monday: Deptford Goth

'Deptford Goth' is Daniel Woolhouse. As featured in the Guardian last summer, 'Deptford Goth is a solo artist from Peckham, and we have no idea why he didn't opt for Peckham Goth, because it would be no more or less appropriate considering the sound he makes. Put it this way, it's not goth, unless we are to use that genre as a catch-all term to denote "mysterious" and "dark", which this music sort of is, although there are several indications that it comes from that part of south-east London, if indeed we are to accept that area as dubstep's home'.

His debut EP Youth II was released last year  by Merok Records (Klaxons, Crystal Castles etc), and has been variously described as 'spectral R'n'B' and 'folky sound with an electro edge'.

DEPTFORD GOTH - YOUTH II from Merok on Vimeo.

He has also been busy remixing other people's works, such as Vancouver's Blood Diamonds

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