Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday: Ren Spits at Magpies

Ren Spits at Magpies is a Peckham-based acoustic singer whose sweet sounding tunes disguise a spiky feminist/anarchist/punky intent. She is to be found strumming and singing on the radical benefit gig circuit, and indeed she is playing at the New Cross Inn next month as part of an International Women's Day event (of which more below). She's on facebook and has a tumblr site which also documents her art student activities.

The (slightly early) International Women's Day gig is on 7th March at the New Cross Inn and will be a benefit for Women's Aid put on by Rudegirl Reckless. As well as Ren Spits at Magpies, performers will include:

- Perkie: 'acoustic folky piano awesomeness'

- Effort: 'liberated noise with swelling harmonies battling frantic guitar riffs and heart-bursting drums'.

- Colour Me Wednesday: 'DIY ska and punk from West London'

- Jezabellezza: 'Manchester's very own pink-haired piano player'-

- Frances Salter: 'Folk/acoustic rock'.

£4 on the door towards Women's Aid. Check the event out here:

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