Friday, March 09, 2012

Moonbow Blockbuster in Catford

Once upon a time in Brockley my two favourite places, within a couple of doors of each other, were Moonbow Jakes cafe and the Homeview video shop. The cafe closed down at the beginning of 2009, later to be replaced by Brockley Mess. The video shop went the way of all video in 2007, to be replaced by the bookies (photo below is from Summer 2008)

So what could be more appropriate than that the latest project of Moonbow John McKiernan's Platform-7 is 'Tapescape: The Catford Intervention. The now empty Blockbuster Video Store in Catford, South East London will become home to a host of artists and performers exploring the politics around the video cassette and recorder. The event includes installations, spoken word, discussions, talks, screenings and maybe some politics...'. The event will run from 10th to 22nd April.

Platform 7 promo from Kai Clear on Vimeo.

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