Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Oh Comely

Oh Comely is a magazine that seems to have been designed in line with the Belle and Sebastian maxim 'Do Something Pretty While You Can'. In fact it reads like a group of  indie pop zinesters got a little older and got access to the means to produce a glossy full colour magazine. It's even named (I presume) after a song by Neutral Milk Hotel. Of course there's music - in the latest issue Laura Veirs and Jeffrey Lewis, the only person other than my good self who I know of that has performed folky versions of Crass songs. There's also clothes, crafts and, well, pretty things.

Photo of Camilla Goddard by Fiona Essex from Oh Comely
Oh Comely started out at the old biscuit factory in Bermondsey (Clement's Road, SE16), but has now moved its office to Holborn. The latest issue (number 9) has a six page feature on Brockley-based  beekeeper Camilla Goddard (of Capital Bee). She talks about some of the differences between types of honey dependent upon local flora, for instance 'You get a darker and richer honey form the horse chestnuts around Greenwich'.

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