Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Bat Map

The Bat Conservation Trust's Big Bat Map is just that - a place to log sightings of bats, or to go to if you want to find places where you might see them.

I've already added a Telegraph Hill top park sighting and I can see that David Larkin of Quaggy Waterways Action Group has added Broadway Field, Deptford as a hot spot for sightings ('Footbridge over concrete channel some 100 metres south of DLR station. Leads into recreation ground. Also look out for Common pipistrelles - can be detected and seen flying under bridge').

There must be lots more SE London sightings to report though, so get going.


Tamsin said...

Went on a bat watch walk organised by Rivers and People in Beckenham Place Park yesterday evening. Supported by bat detectors so those who've lost with age the ability to hear in the higher frequencies could get bleep-bleep-bleeps from the machines. Expert guidance on hand as to which species we were hearing, an informative talk with slides beforehand and a lovely evening although we did not see or hear as many bats as are sometimes in the area.

Interesting side-notes. There is a lot of high frequency sound generated in a sneeze and in walking - one thinks silently - through grass.

We also saw the space station going overhead.

Myrtle said...

We see bats most evenings in our garden opposite Telegraph Hill lower park

Tamsin said...

Plucked from their website -
Brockwell Park Bat Walk
Thursday 23rd August
Meet 7:45pm at the Clock Tower and we'll all walk down to the ponds where the bats will be waiting for us. Wear sensible shoes and dress for the weather. Children are welcome, but no dogs please.

The walk will take about an hour and will be led by Dr Iain Boulton who is bats about bats! Last year's walk was completely fascinating.
Iain will bring bat detectors (highly sensitive high-frequency microphones and amplifiers) for you to use.