Saturday, August 11, 2012

Deptford X and other delights

I took in some of Deptford X contemporary art festival today, suggest you do too - tomorrow is the final day.

I liked Dzine's blingtastic bike at Bearspace.

There's various work in and around St Paul's Church, a magnificent space in its own right. Charlotte Squire's Pleonasmos made the most of it by reflecting its ceiling on mirrors placed on pews in the balcony.

Always plenty of other creativity out and about in Deptford, not confined to artists and self-proclaimed 'creatives' either (sorry, I hate that word - if some people are 'creatives' what does that make everybody else?). This jelly shoe mountain in the market was not part of Deptford X or its fringe - but it's a work of art isn't it? 

(thanks to Rose G-O for the photos)

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