Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Afrika Bambaataa at Bussey Building

From the South Bronx to South London, Afrika Bambaataa is coming to Peckham on Wednesday June 5th, a legendary figure in the development of hip hop and electro. Worth a tenner of anybody's money.

Inevitably he's going to be appearing at the Bussey Building (CLF Arts Cafe), which has hosted a number of other music greats in the last year or so - I saw the Jungle Brothers there last April.

In fact the club is becoming one of the best venues in London, offering affordable but high quality sounds to a growing and diverse crowd. I had another great night at South London Soul Train there a couple of weeks and the place was rammed - over 1000 people dance, dance, dancing non-stop. Getting busy though, people were still queuing to get in at 2 am. I wouldn't expect a Wednesday night to be quite so mobbed but you might want to get a ticket in advance. Facebook details here.


Mikus said...

Thanks for flagging this up Transpontine, will be in attendance for sure. Whats the venue like at full capacity? My visits to Bussey have been for half full nights. Having recently had to walk out of Fire because the venue was oversold I'm loathe to go out to a club packed to the rafters, crucially with no room to dance.

This is happening more and more often in clubland in my experience - dance venues are creating crowds on the dancefloor you might find in a packed festival - personal dancing space is ignored by greedy promoters.

Anyhow, Ive caught Bam a couple of times in London in the past and he is a brilliant dj who can effortlessly cut from an acid house tune to some JA dancehall and make it all make sense.

Transpontine said...

Last time I went to Bussey was a few weeks ago to Saturday night's South London Soul Train. It was very busy, but I thought they managed it quite well. They opened another floor upstairs and they controlled how many people went into the downstairs room to stop it getting too overcrowded. I am sure it was a pain for people in the queue to have to wait, but there wasn't room for them inside and it was to the club's credit that they didn't just take the money and try and squeeze them in. Would be surprized if it gets that busy on Wednesday though, even with a big name DJ.

mikus said...

That is great to hear, thank you.

Unknown said...

I was the product manager at Polydor for Tommy Boy Records. I decided to officially release Planet Rock in the UK. I will try to go and see him.