Sunday, April 07, 2013

Lewisham Hospital: calling all pensioners

On March 16th around 500 people defied the pouring rain to join the 'Born in Lewisham Hospital' protest against the threat to materntiy and emergency services at the hospital (see report and photos by Andy Worthington). Lots of children and indeed adults who had been born at Lewisham took part.

(photo by Andy Worthington)
Next week, the campaign is focusing on the opposite end of the age spectrum from babies with a pensioners protest. Older people are asked to come to the Lewisham Pensioners Forum HQ at the Saville Centre (next to the hospital at 436 Lewisham High Street) on Tuesday April 9th at 10.30:

'Come with your shopping trolley (or wheelchair or walking frame) and be part of our poster campaign which will call on the Government to stop the dismantling of Lewisham Hospital and the sale of over one half of its land. Help us make a poster which raises the voice of Lewisham Pensioners and shows our support for the only hospital in Lewisham. If you don’t own a trolley—still come and you can hold a placard or wear a very lightweight poster sandwich board. AND after the photo shoot, join us as we form a ‘Trolley Crocodile’ and progress down to Lewisham Hospital to hand to the Chief Executive and Staff Representatives the first print of our poster for display in the Hospitals Board Room and Staff Room'

Billboard by Brockley station - definitely support the sentiments but I don't actually
want to use the A&E - last time I did it was very painful - I just want it to be there if I need it!

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