Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Deptford win Three-sided Football Tournament

Well done to Deptford Three Sided Football Club for their victory in the Asger Jorn Memorial Tournament in Regents Park on Saturday. At least I think they won, on the basis that they conceded the least goals in a rotation of teams that also included New Cross Irregulars, Polish team Polscy Budowlancy and two teams from Philosophy Football. There's a full report in The Guardian.

Asger Jorn was the Danish situationist artist who first conceived of the three-sided game, introduced into Britain by Fabian Tompsett and collaborators in the 1990s.  As reported here previously, the Association of Autonomous Astronauts played the game at One Tree Hill, Kennington Park, Hyde Park and other locations in the late 1990s.

Regular matches are held in Deptford Park, all are welcome to take park. Check out the Deptford Three Sided Football Club website for more information or email them at

Three-sided Football Pitch

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