Saturday, May 11, 2013

Support St Christophers Hospice

Five years ago my good friend Katy Watson died in St Christophers Hospice in Sydenham. A plaque on a park bench in Brockwell Park remembers her as a writer, feminist activist and mother, to which I could add many other things including DJ and Brixtonite.

In her last days, St Christophers Hospice took good care of her and her family, as it does to around 2,000 dying patients a year. The sad fact is that if you live in South London long enough it is highly likely that one of your friends or relatives will pass through there. The care is provided free of charge, but they are dependent on charity fundraising.

Katy's sister Anna and daughter Orla are doing a sponsored walk next week to raise money for the hospice. Anna says:

'Way back in 2008 my sister, Katy Watson, died of lymphoma in St Christopher's Hospice. At the time her daughter Orla was 5 and her son Joe 18 months old.

To honour Katy and to help people who need hospice care in the future, Orla and I will walk 8 miles on 19 May. I hope you can encourage us be making a donation. Last time we did it, every mile we would calculate how much we had raised - good for morale and Orla's maths!'

To help St Christophers Hospice to continue to care why not go to Anna and Orla's Just Giving page and make a donation

Katy Watson, pictured in 1997
Update from Anna, 20 May 2013: 'The walk went really well yesterday: lovely sunshine but not too hot. We managed about 2 miles per hour and only had a short break for lunch (we had to beg Orla to let us stop -- she wanted to keep going!) Great atmosphere en route and only minor aches today. Thank you all!'. Including Gift Aid, Anna & Orla have raised over £1500 through this walk.

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