Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fordham Park Three Sided Football on BBC

Deptford Three Sided Football Club has been covered here before, starting off in Deptford Park and now playing on the first Sunday of every month in Fordham Park, New Cross (all welcome). Also have recalled the earlier  1990s Association of Autonomous Astronauts games on One Tree Hill and elsewhere.

Last week the game was featured on BBC News in a series on 'new trends that are beginning and old traditions that are coming to an end':

'It seems like a typical Sunday afternoon game of football, but there's a big difference - there are three teams on the pitch. Deptford 3S Football Club is playing Philosophy Football FC and Strategic Optimists FC, at the same time. This is the complex and curious game of three-sided football, an invention of Danish Situationist philosopher and artist Asger Jorn. Played on a hexagonal pitch, the rules are similar to normal football, but it is the team that concedes the fewest goals, rather than scores the most, that wins.This leads to all sorts of tactical subtleties, as BBC News discovered at a match in New Cross in London'.


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