Thursday, January 02, 2014

Loretto Street Art SE1/SE16

Following last week's post about Loretto street art in Peckham, here's another of their pieces spotted in Pages Walk SE1 (photo by Controlled Weirdness). Lots more examples here.

This piece is on Southwark Park Road, opposite Galleywall Road junction (photo from Gemini City).


Anonymous said...

Iv seen these around. I admire the effort the individuals gone to, but i have to say i think they are pretty weak. Not very original or thought provoking. What happened to the white deer graffiti in Lewisham?

The Bow Bard said...

Making Banksy look Bank some peeps will have to rethink their ripoff / retirement plans if this keeps up unless this is another SL master stroke.
I like it fresh relevant.