Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A school trip to Lewisham Arcadia (1905)

Just over a hundred years ago, children from the 'dingy streets' of Southwark went on country outings to 'the Londoner's idea of Arcadia' - Lewisham!. This report from Gloucester Citizen - (Saturday 8 July 1905) describes a trip from Lant Street County Council School, Borough (now Charles Dickens Primary School) to meet their counterparts at Plassy-Road School, Catford, for 'cricket and other sports' at Ladywell Recreation Ground.

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Tamsin said...

Did you say the "Gloucester Citizen" (the local rag of my childhood)? What were they doing reporting SE London events? Mark you the real trip out to the country was to the Green Man and whatever the pond opposite used to be called (now part of Homebase). And the Green Man complex, alas, replaced by what looks like a factory unit.