Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Cross Road c.1970

A remarkable picture of New Cross Road in around 1970 by Tony Sullivan.  Much of it hasn't changed, but note on the right on the corner of St James the building with 'A sign is a fine investment'. That is the Pearce Signs factory (featured here before with some photos of the inside of the factory).  Loring House -Goldsmiths student accommodation- now stands on that site.


Tamsin said...

That is a stunning photo. And love the overarching lamppost. (Not keen on the new ones - either aesthetically or for the very harsh illumination they give.) And thanks for the link back to Pearce Signs - talking about them, and the way they pulled the cat out of the bag for McDonalds, only the other day at the Deptford Cinema who were showing a lovely film about the Old Kent Road.

Anonymous said...

It shows the sign of the red neon man climbing the ladder on the right. (Iknow the picture is in B & W) That was a famous local landmark we used to spot riding the 53 buses from Woolwich. Wonder what happened to that sign

Anonymous said...

Loads of traffic even then!