Sunday, June 30, 2019

Police Raid Forest Hill Gay Club (1987)

From London LGBT paper 'Capital Gay' (2 October 1987), a report of police raiding a gay club in Forest Hill in 1987, prompting the headline: "Clear out of Forest Hill! Police Want Gays Confined to the West End." 

The target was Frolic at 240 Stanstead Road, SE23 which on Saturday September 19th was raided by '30 officers, some wearing rubber gloves' who 'ordered customers off the premises'. The club was closed down and owner Phillippe Sinclair was summonsed to appear in court charged with licensing offences including serving non-members after pub hours (not sure if it later re-opened, anybody know?)

Local police Chief Superintendant John Taylor was reported to have said 'Gays belong in the West End, not out here'. 

The club promoted itself as 'South London's most exclusive gay nite club' with events that summer including a benefit for HIV organisation Terrence Higgins Trust.

Advert in Capital Gay, 14 August 1987


Anonymous said...

Anyone know if a local chap called Jimmy Holmes/Maher is still about , he used to get around Soho a lot too back in the 80's/90's , mates with Mark Powell & Phil Dirtbox ?

Anonymous said...

I used to go here when I was erm (16) back in 1987. Learnt a lot in this club. Great memories sadly was there the night it was raided. Me and some other boys got out through the back over a wall. After closing I returned to the Dover in Lewisham.