Sunday, February 26, 2023

Fascists seen off at Honor Oak pub

A large crowd gathered outside the Honor Oak pub in Brockley Rise yesterday to defend it from far right threats against a drag queen storytelling session.  An impressive community turn out of more than 500 people occupied the street in front of the pub and the handful of far right goons who turned up never got anywhere near it.

The protest was called by Turning Point UK (nothing to do with the long established drug charity who must be seething) who are trying to wage a US-inspired right wing culture war focusing on universities. Their attempt to mount a street mobilisation failed, but it did show how different strands of  the far right come together - Turning Point occupy the extreme right of Conservative politics and they were joined yesterday by GB News presenter Calvin Robinson who is linked to reactionary 'traditionalist' Christian circles. He didn't like people chanting 'you're not a real vicar'. Also present were some familiar fascist faces, included former members of violent neo-nazi group Combat 18. A couple of people gave fascist salutes.

Brockley Rise occupied by anti-fascist crowd

The far right contingent barely made double figures

'Be fabulous not a fascist!'

'Fascists out of Lewisham' - a poster

Earlier in the week the pub issued a statement correcting some of the lies being spread about it:

'Everyone here at The Honor Oak is proud to serve the wonderful community of Forest Hill. We are here to make sure your local pub is a safe, warm and a fun place for everyone to enjoy. Next Saturday morning we will be hosting our Magical Storytelling session, hosted by That Girl.
It has come to our attention that there may be some misunderstanding about the event, so we wanted to reassure you all that our popular Magical Storytelling event will be age appropriate and it isn’t anything different to what families will see and experience together in a theatre. This event is an opportunity for families and friends to come together and listen to a reading of a storybook and have fun.
The most important thing for us is that everyone is safe and happy when they are here'.

Wait til the fascists hear what goes on in Pantomime...

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