Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Communist Kebab, New Cross Road

The Communist Kebab is now up and running at 492 New Cross Road. According to those running it 'For the first time in the world there is a communist kebab shop... we don't think of this place as money-oriented, the main thing is here how can we apply the parameters of communism in one shop' (see youtube film, 'Is this the world's first communist kebab shop?')

The Menu includes various radical themed dishes, including the Marx vegetarian option.

Chalk your own messages on the board

'give us roses but give as kebabs'

'The Communist' doner grill and takeaway under construction in March 2023 promising that on the first day '1000 portions of food will be delivered free of charge':

 The site has been a kebab shop in various guises before, including 'London Kebab', and a place of eating and drinking sociality for a lot longer - the 1891 Post Office Directory lists it as Edward Ratcliffe coffee rooms.

[post updated 4 May 2023 following opening]


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