Monday, May 05, 2014

Music Monday: Major Tom in Deptford (or Greenwich?)

In 1969, David Bowie made a half hour promotional film called 'Love You Til Tuesday', featuring seven of his songs including the first version of 'Space Oddity'. The film was shot in January and early February 1969 at Clarence Studios. It wasn't released at the time but later saw the light of day when it came out on video in 1984

Bowie biographer Paul Trynka says that Clarence Film Studio was on Deptford Creek (Starman: David Bowe - the Definitive Biography, 2011), though Nicholas Pegg describes it as being in Greenwich (The Complete David Bowie, 2006). People are often confused about the boundary between the two-  the only possibly relevant address I have found, from 1979, is Clarence Studios Ltd. at 7 College Approach in Greenwich. But that was ten years later... anyone know any more about Clarence Studios?

Still from Space Oddity in Love You Til Tuesday (1969)

from credits to Love You Til Tuesday

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