Friday, May 16, 2014

Crosswires Festival: Kit & Cutter at the Albany

A sunny Saturday of music at the Albany on the May Day bank holiday weekend (3rd May), with Kit & Cutter returning to Deptford to put on an afternoon and evening of folk-tinged sound as part of the Crosswires Festival.

London Sacred Harp singers made a Joyful Noise Unto The Creator with heavenly harmonies that made the hairs stand up on my neck. Is beautiful music evidence of a benificent God, or is our attribution of it to the angels an example of humans projecting the best of our achievements on to the Divine? You decide!

Nick Hart and Tom Oscar-Moore were among the musicians in a traditional music session in the cafe at the Albany.

A couple of member of Pigeon Heroes sang outside in the garden. There was more later, but unfortunately I had to leave.

I've never seen the garden at the Albany looking so lovely or well-used. It's a bit of a shame that, as Deptford Dame reported a while ago, the Albany is planning to sell the land to developers to build on (assume this is going ahead). I do understand the pressure on cash strapped voluntary organisations to sell off their assets to make ends meet, but it will be a long term loss.

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