Friday, May 23, 2014

New Cross Gate Temporary Bridge - one day we will miss it

Yes it was a pain at first having to walk the wrong way up the platform and over the rickety temporary bridge to get out of New Cross Gate station, but haven't we grown to love this scaffolding masterpiece, first installed last September?

 One day we will miss its sounds of rattling metal and footsteps, and its fine views...

...including a view of the space next door where the materials for the new walkway and stairs are being stored and assembled, part of the 'Access for All' programme which will also include three lifts at the station.

The new structure is already taking shape...

Here's a section being lifted into place by crane last weekend:

Another section was delivered yesterday, temporarily blocking New Cross Road:

(I took all the above photos, except bottom one by James Holland)


Chris Thomas said...

Hello – I wonder if I could use the top image here for a short blog post I'm writing about the temporary bridge? I will attribute the photo. Thanks!

praylist said...

I agree- it definitely grew on me. The view of the evening skyline of the Shard to Docklands is always enjoyable at the end of the commute home. Hopefully the new sections will still allow the panorama.

Interestingly it was pretty wobbly for months and months and then suddenly some shiny new cross braces appeared. It seems a lot more solid now :D

Transpontine said...

@Chris - yes please feel free to use the photo

@Ben - yes reminded me of the early days of the Millennium Bridge when they had to close it because it wobbled too much