Friday, May 09, 2014

UKIP's vanishing poster in New Cross

UKIP's election poster in New Cross hasn't done too well this week. This graffiti appeared earlier this week - it reads 'Stay out of South London, racist UKIP scum':

Last night, the poster was torn down. In his interesting review of the elections in Lewisham, Bob from Brockley writes: 'doubt many of my readers would even consider a vote for UKIP so I won't bother to tell you not to vote for their nasty, isolationist anti-politics. I'm fairly optimistic that, despite UKIP's worryingly high national polling results, the demographics of inner London (young population, confidently multicultural) play against them here. UKIP's stronger chances are in the Euro elections, for which the whole of London (including the outer London "Boris bagel" where they are performing well) is a single constituency returning eight MEPs: UKIP got 11% of the vote last time (one MEP)'.  

Meanwhile Hope Not Hate reports that some Independent candidates standing in Council elections might not be all they seem. Tess Culnane is standing as an Independent in Downham Ward, where she has previously stood for the National Front having earlier worked for the British National Party.  Michael Barnbrook, standing for the Bexley Action Group, was previously a BNP candidate too.

(Thanks to Chris for bottom picture, top one from @theblackjacobi)

Update 13 May:

More work on the New Cross UKIP poster seems to have simplified it further to as straight 'No':

Photo from @wigglymittens in twitter

The UKIP poster on Queens Road has also had some attention:

Meanwhile, spotted on a Lewisham lamppost:

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Paddyom said...

I don't see what is racist about them...they just want border controls from what i can see. Sounds like every other country.