Thursday, November 11, 2004

Throbb Night 3

It seems that there is a music club putting something interesting on at the Montague Arms on a Friday. Not surprising either, really, it's a much loved place that is a pub/music venue crossed in equal parts with a cabinet of curiosities, a navel museum and Mrs Haversham’s spare room.

You’ll hear plenty more about it in these (web) pages, rest assured.

The next night we know about is ‘Throbb Night 3’ on Friday, 12th November. It promises to be an interesting and particularly bilious evening going by the bands and their descriptions I just got over the interweb: ‘Sid Viscous (acousticy and violiny bile)’, ‘The Breakfast Club (Eighties Bile-Thrash Wrongness)’, ‘ODDJOB (Indie-Blues-Bile)’, ‘Jacknife Kid (Hooky Rock Bile)’ and ‘
The Dirty Pins (New Cross Punky Bile)’.

So, for £3 one can be positively awash with music, and bile, from 9pm to half-past midnight in a spooky yet charming New Cross Gate venue. What more could you want?

You want the address? Ok, the Montague Arms is on the corner of Queens Road and Kender Road, New Cross Gate/Peckham way. Here’s a

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