Thursday, November 11, 2004

Strategies Against Marketecture

DaDaDa: Strategies Against Marketecture is an interesting exhibition at Temporary Contemporary, an art space in the Old Seagar Distillery opposite Deptford Bridge DLR station. It includes work by Chicks on Speed, DAT Politics, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, ROR (Revolutions on Request) and others, with a general theme of DIY appropriation of the ruins of popular culture. According to the programme "Some see spaceships in tea cups, insects in shopping carts, pagans in Tesco, erotic eruptions in videogame consoles and wonderful weird druid songs in polyphonic ring tones. Others dance to a different tune, recorded on makeshift instruments in a bedroom all their own"

I particularly liked Christopher Dobrowolski's toy size landscapes with mutant cassette and turntable soundtracks and the 3D Jesus picture with a twist. Oh and watch out for the whistling cup! It runs until 21 November 2004, open from Friday to Sunday 12-6pm (admission FREE).

Also coming up this next week is the free closing party for Soup of the Day at 'Shamleys' a subverted toy shop art thing in Brixton Village Market. The party on Thursday 18th November, 6 - 9 pm will include an open mic for performance and music by dj anoianoid and others.

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