Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What Sound?

Philbin, the little Transpontine information magpie has fluttered back through my window with a few more flyers in her beak.

I’ve not been to the Open Arts Platform on Hales Street, off Deptford High Street, yet but I believe I shall soon. From 19th November to 3rd December they are having an exhibition dedicated to Noises, “Noises you don’t even notice. Noises you filter out and dismiss as simply noises…” I'm sure you get the idea. The exhibition is offering the potentially synesthesiac delight of “21 artists [who] deal with the idea of NOISES without using sound.
"Go on, then", I say. Contact the gallery on 0207 232 1041 or the curator, Toby Clarkson, on 07952 765 306. The gallery can be found around about here.

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