Monday, January 10, 2005

It's Halloween (apparently)

New Cross & Deptford have quietly appeared in quiet a few recent films, either filled with vampires in 'Interview with the Vampire', zombies in 'Shaun of the Dead' and the things that pass for human beings in the fiction of Hanif Kureishi in ‘Intimacy’.

Now New Cross itself (or herself or himself, I’m not sure if anyone has tried to dowse the sex of the genus loci of our area) is appearing as the star of a film along with some of the band he/she/it cherishes so well. “Rocklands - Live In New Cross” is showing at the (perversly named) Halloween Short Film Festival and features such local musos as: Art Brut, Bloc Party (who I think I saw on Top of the Pops on Friday but I may have been dreaming (or brainwashed by Art Brut records)), Corporation:Blend, The Crowd and The Ludes are among many bands thrashing away in the film.

It’s on Sunday 16th January at 10pm with two other Charlie Productions, the company that made the film. The festival itself describes itself, on their site, as “Punk Rock in it's outlook, and uncompromising in it's vision” which is, of course, what we like here at Transpontine.

On Friday 14th January, from 9pm, south-east Londoners MyEyes MyEyes will be running some short films at the festival too, followed by films presented by the ever-lovely Fortean Times. Who have very little to do with south-east London but I read it every month anyway.

The full program is here, entry is £1.50 Mon-Fri; £2.50 weekends The ICA is at The Mall, London SW1, near where t’Queen lives.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug! Yeah, My Eyes...My Eyes are showing on Friday at Hallowe'en's festival. But enjoy an aftershow/party on Queen Mary from 9pm til 2am. Admission is free, but get an invite in case the venue attempts to charge. There will be a donations box, since the boat cost and the DJs (ALL SE London) should get something for their efforts.
DJs include TRIPTEAM and AMORPHOUS plus DOTAN with FLICKERING LIGHTS (lite-show) Performance from Duncan Reekie (Exploding Cinema) and some short films will round it off nicely.

visit the My Eyes website for downloadable/printable invites. Cheers

Transpontine said...

'Shaun of the Dead' filmed in New Cross? Is this true - which bit?

Scott Wood said...

S'okay, 'MyEyes', tell your friends about us.

As for SotD, I wanted to include some links about the film, so I've made it a new entry, which is above.