Wednesday, January 26, 2005

New Cross Red Cross Crawl

Bit of a late one here but recently our friend Bongo Tom has burst forth, literally frothing, about this local music event. There is a music festival taking place up and down the New Cross Road this Sunday, the 30th January, called Red Cross New Cross . It's a charity mass-rock out to raise money for the Tsunami appeal.

This will take place during the day and night at the Catapult Club, round the side of the Amersham Arms, 338 New Cross Road, the Walpole Arms, 407 New Cross Road, New Cross Inn (aka Bar Alchemy but I think they're trying to quietly drop that one) 323 New Cross Road, and the Goldsmiths Tavern, 306 New Cross Road, which is trying to get a bit of it's old reputation back after changing from a gritty punk venue with boarded-up windows to what resembled, as far as I could see through the glossy windows, a British Legion Club more at home in Camberley than New Cross.

The New Cross Inn has Dirty Pretty Things, cartoon punks Bogus Gasman, the spooky and lovely sounding Gemma Ray, Crowd, Monster Raging Boogie Party and the charmingly named Yellow Snow,

It's a punk/ska a-go-go at the Catapult Club with: Inner-Terrestrials (politico ska-punk band), Pain (I think this'll be the ex-RDF lot gotten noisy, usually spelt P@IN, I think), Headjam, Hoover & Pitman and Short Bus Window Lickers. I would guess this one i will be your best chance of sighting a studded leather jacket, a Crass t-shirt with the sleeves cut out or a green-mohican.

The flyer I have promises "an eclectic mix of blues and jazz sets from new and established local musicians" at the Walpole and Bongo Tom backs that up by saying: "lots of familiar local acoustic groups and musicians, such as the Repertoire Dogs, playing in the Walpole. It'll be a chilled-out acoustic session, gradually getting more energetic through the day and culminating in a jam session." Bongo Tom will be banging his bongos there, apparently.

The Goldsmiths are chilling too with " eclectic mix of blues Redroute, jazz sets from Stone Pony and established local musicians The Sly Ones, the Purples and Stabilisers."

Who is playing when will be listed on the day and that's a lot of bloody interesting music for a fiver. A contact email for the event is (swap _at_ for @)


Anonymous said...

Stone Pony at the New Cross Inn were absolutely fantastic!! Not anything like jazz, as the website suggests, but a light rock band with really catchy tunes. All original I gather, apart from the Beatles tracks they did of course!!
Did anyone else see them??!!

Scott Wood said...

I was quoting our contact bongo Tom who, to be honest, is a bit jazz-crazed himself. Perhaps that's how he made the mistake.

I caught some sounds from the Walpole, they sounded very good but I was very tired.