Thursday, January 13, 2005

Shaun of the Dead

Despite being set entirely in Crouch End, the exterior shots around "The Winchester" pub, a main feature in this very British zombie film, were the Duke of Albany on Monson Road in New Cross Gate. I was tipped off when the chimney of the Millwall incinerator appeared in one shot, as Simon Pegg & co cross a road to get to the pub.
The Music Room on the New Cross Road tell the story of how they got involved here and I met the chap how played the zombie that got into Shaun’s flat and lost an arm in a fight. He’s the one-armed dancing partner (not a euphemism, they really do do dance classes together) of my boss, who lives in Brockley, and came in to the office to do some design work.

There is a
planning application out there to turn the pub into flats but I don’t know if this has gone through yet or if the pub is still open. Here’s a description of the pub, describing it as looking “closed down” already and here’s a website where one intrepid fan visited the pub while on a pilgrimage of SotD locations.

All together now "Dan, dan, dan, duh-dan-du-dan. White lines!"


. said...

Only a short hop from The Five Bells where some of Gary Oldman's laugh a minute (not) 'Nil by Mouth' was filmed.

Anonymous said...

Hello, when I was a student I used to live down Barlborough St which is on one side of the pub. I used to walk past this pub several times a day. Most of the people who drank there were friendly, but there was the occassional bit of being called a poof.

I used to regularly have a late night drunken piss by that phone box in the film and round the side where Shaun would have got in to the pub 'round the back'.

I lived there when they were filming, I wish I had kept the note we got through the door several months before telling us that a company was going to be shooting a low budget horror film now!

Don't know what this adds but it is true.

Scott Wood said...

Shows people are actually reading us, if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I check as often as possible and enjoy your good work!

Scott Wood said...

I found myself at that end of the New Cross Road last night and wandered down Monson Road. I can report that the pub is OPEN and looks about as inviting as a pillow stuffed with scorpions.

So how intrepid are SotD fans?

Dansk said...

According to yesterdays paper (it was either the evening stranded or london shite) - lewisham council has finally given planning permission to knock it down and build flats.

. said...

True I'm afraid, went past it the other day and it is being demolished, as is another pub round the corner (the Royal Archer).