Thursday, January 13, 2005

Shaun of the Dead

Despite being set entirely in Crouch End, the exterior shots around "The Winchester" pub, a main feature in this very British zombie film, were the Duke of Albany on Monson Road in New Cross Gate. I was tipped off when the chimney of the Millwall incinerator appeared in one shot, as Simon Pegg & co cross a road to get to the pub.
The Music Room on the New Cross Road tell the story of how they got involved here and I met the chap how played the zombie that got into Shaun’s flat and lost an arm in a fight. He’s the one-armed dancing partner (not a euphemism, they really do do dance classes together) of my boss, who lives in Brockley, and came in to the office to do some design work.

There is a
planning application out there to turn the pub into flats but I don’t know if this has gone through yet or if the pub is still open. Here’s a description of the pub, describing it as looking “closed down” already and here’s a website where one intrepid fan visited the pub while on a pilgrimage of SotD locations.

All together now "Dan, dan, dan, duh-dan-du-dan. White lines!"


Transpontine said...

Only a short hop from The Five Bells where some of Gary Oldman's laugh a minute (not) 'Nil by Mouth' was filmed.

Anonymous said...

Hello, when I was a student I used to live down Barlborough St which is on one side of the pub. I used to walk past this pub several times a day. Most of the people who drank there were friendly, but there was the occassional bit of being called a poof.

I used to regularly have a late night drunken piss by that phone box in the film and round the side where Shaun would have got in to the pub 'round the back'.

I lived there when they were filming, I wish I had kept the note we got through the door several months before telling us that a company was going to be shooting a low budget horror film now!

Don't know what this adds but it is true.

Scott Wood said...

Shows people are actually reading us, if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I check as often as possible and enjoy your good work!

Scott Wood said...

I found myself at that end of the New Cross Road last night and wandered down Monson Road. I can report that the pub is OPEN and looks about as inviting as a pillow stuffed with scorpions.

So how intrepid are SotD fans?

Dansk said...

According to yesterdays paper (it was either the evening stranded or london shite) - lewisham council has finally given planning permission to knock it down and build flats.

Transpontine said...

True I'm afraid, went past it the other day and it is being demolished, as is another pub round the corner (the Royal Archer).